Pulling user name into Articulate

You may have seen this latest product over at It lets you display the students name (from the LMS) in your course content. Check out the screenr to see it in action.

Articulate on iPad via iSWifter

There has been an ongoing discussion in the Articulate Forums about different ways to view Articulate on an iPad... Also some debate about if it needs to viewed on an iPad... Will mentioned that iSWifter claims to make Flash work on an iPad and wondered if it would work for Articulate. I tried it... and it did! 

How I made #Articulate Muter/Unlocker in <60 lines of code. Source code available.

I got a few questions about how I made the latest widget. I thought I would walk through it in a screenr.
I also packaged the source file (fla) with download over at

Short ActionScript snippet to count down time

Not much to see here...
A friend asked for a snippet of code to count down mins:secs

var interval:Number
var seconds = 90; // one min and 30 secs

function countDown() {
mins = Math.floor( seconds / 60 ) //calc mins left
//calc secs left and stick a 0 in if less then 10 (prettier)
secs = seconds % 60 < 10? 0 + "" + seconds % 60:seconds % 60
if (seconds == 0) {//stop timer if done
trace( mins + ":" + secs ); //do something with output
//call our function every second
interval = setInterval(countDown,1000)

eLearning DevCon 2010

I'm really excited about attending and presenting at eLearning DevCon 2010 next week!

I will be presenting 2 BYOL sessions:

  • Port Flash Interactions to Articulate Engage; become rich & famous
  • Incorporating custom-Built Flash into Articulate via the API

I will also be participating in a few round table discussions... one on Flash vs HTML5 and another on Scaling eLearning for large corporations.

Articulate Color Swapping Idea (suggestions pls)

Sometimes I get ideas but dont really have a good use for them...
I would love to hear your suggestions on what this might be useful for (or if it is).
Play around with demo here:
There are only three slides... try going to slide 2 then go to any other slide and come back to 2.

Just a little something I'm working on #Articulate #Engage

Im working on an Engage interaction that will build a bar chart.
Take a look and leave me some feedback/suggestions (the first few seconds of the screenr is Flash compiling..)

Add Custom Tools to Articulate Toolbar with SDK

One of the coolest features of the Articulate SDK is the ability to add your own tools to the Toolbar along the top of your course.  Some of the tools I have seen are voltage calculators, feedback forms, live charts, etc. This is also where I often put tools such as custom navigation.

Chromeless Articulate Skin

This skin is dead simple. Just your content. No navigation.
It was inspired by @slhice's use of one of my other skins to create a website.
Play with a demo here:
Get it here

Custom Articulate Skin [NOT for Sale]

This skin was a lot of fun to create.
Take a moment to play with it... might help you re-think how Articulate looks and feels.
Click the screen shot to play with a live demo.
This skin is not for sale but feel free to contact me if you are interested in having your own custom skin developed.
skin thumbnail