Low bandwidth HTML #Articulate player w/Audio (reports to LMS too!)

I am thrilled to post this. My partner and I have been working hard this last week or so to build an Articulate player that does not use Flash! And is still AICC / SCORM compliant!
This solution will offer folks a way to view your content in low bandwidth situations or in browsers that do not support Flash. Like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Droid, etc, 3GS or better; soon we will a solution for older iPhones. Well.. It works now on older iPhones but the audio pops a new window...
Some highlights:

  • Automatically adds HTML feature when/if you add PNGs of slides
  • Automatically adds embedded audio if you include files
  • Automatically switches to HTML if no flash is detected (and pngs are present)
  • Notifies LMS when course is complete
  • Uses HTML5 and degrades nicely for IE


  • Now has slide index at bottom to allow user to jump to any slide.
  • Embeds audio player in IE

UPDATE 2: We have continued to improve this product in many ways that are not listed here. Please check it out on
Also, we can customize it to meet your companies needs.

You can purchase it over at
Play with it here
Watch the screenr below to see how it works:


I purchased the player today and I've followed the directions in your Screenr presentation. I am currently viewing an upload site through IE 9.0.6 and unfortunately the audio does not sync up with the slides. Controls seem to be erratic, and when I left the computer for a few minutes, I noticed that the slides keep changing on their own without any audio going. As someone else mentioned below, I also use a web object to redirect the user to a webpage when they get to the final slide, and this is not working. Any support materials available here - any answers to these issues? I was hopeful about this player solution, but now I'm getting concerned.

I am very sorry you having issues with the product.
Could you please submit a ticket on our site that explains what's happen with the controls/audio?

We do not current support web objects but we'll take a look and see if we can add that feature.

Thank you

We just bought the software and it will definitely come in handy. I do have two questions, though I think I can see the answers.

Is it feasible to add web object functionality in this HTML5 version of the presentation? Our usual implementation of Articulate uses a web object to redirect the user to a webpage when they get to the final slide.

Also, is it feasible to mimic the Articulate function that keeps viewers from accessing a slide before they have viewed previous slides? We use this feature to nominally "force" the viewer to watch the whole thing.

Thanks much for the program.

Is this a PowerPoint add-in? How is it installed?

It is an add-on for Articulate Presenter so you will need to have that installed first.


Very cool! I wonder... is there a way to have audio autoplay when the page opens? And another idea... could you detect for Flash, and if there is no flash, just show the HTML version instead?

Hey Will,

The demo here is a bit old we have added both those features to the newest version.

Thanks for the comments!

We are intersted in complete enterprise PPT to iPad authoring solution. Let me know if you can help.

Sounds like a challenging and fun project! Shoot me some details this.onEnterFrame(at)

I'm getting the same "Cannot play audio file" message on one of the slides. Also, I can't the audio to show up on the first slide. I tried republishing the Articulate as well as recreating the slide and audio assets folders.

I would suggest that even if you're only going to charge $25 for this, you need to document your software a bit better, as well as offer some support options.

It would be much easier for me to troubleshoot why my first slide audio isn't working if I had a better idea of what the program is doing the the Articulate published code.

Hi Rob,

I see you also sent us a note via eLearningEnhanced's contact form. That is the best way to reach us for support.

I am sorry you having problems with the player.

It searches Articulate's standard XML files that are generated when you publish an Articulate course.
It pulls the slide notes, titles, etc from those XML files.
It matches the correct slide to its png, mp3 (or ogg for FireFox) using the slides title.
There really isn't anything you need to edit or tweak in our code...
Our code relies on developers exporting the pngs, mp3s, and ogg files as specified in the screenr.

Can you confirm that these files exist:

I am getting a 404 when I try to load them.
Thank you

It seemed an extra space was in the filename of the audio files (perhaps because of the title of the PPT slide). I removed the extra space and now the HTML version plays back as advertised.

Thanks for your quick help!


Glad it worked for you!
Sorry you had trouble with it.
We will work on some kinda documention.


Thanks for taking the first steps to try to solve the growing non-flash issue with AP.

Two questions...

1. I just viewed the sample provided above on my iPad, using Safari, and the audio player does not appear. Instead, a button displays the message "Cannot play audio file". Any ideas?

2. Can/have you provided a way for someone to edit the HTML template you're using, either pre- or post-publishing? It would be nice to pretty things up a little.

Thanks again,


Hi. Can your tool handle projects that contain video for each slide instead of audio?

Also, I'm assuming that PowerPoint's animations are not supported due to the png export. Which state of a slide is exported? The beginning state before any animations are run or the ending state after they are run?


Excellent idea. Does this mean Articulate presentations on the web would work on smartphones?

Yup; I tried it on a couple and it worked great!

Excellent idea. Does this mean Articulate presentations on the web would work on smartphones?

Excellent presentation. Does this mean Articulate presentations could be viewed on smartphones?

Great job, James -- this looks like a real viable solution for low-bandwidth situations as well as 508 compliance. How far are you guys going to go with this? For example, do you see building in Quizmaker or Engage support into this, or would that be too complex?

thank you very much Michael,
We have not looked at engage/quizmaker yet. It is complex but I enjoy breaking apart complex stuff :-)
First though I would like to find a solution to make publishing less arduous. Maybe a PowerPoint addon with a macro.
It would be sweet if it was an option in Articulate like the commenter below suggested... but I dont want to monkey too much with their install.

WOW it would be great if Articulate would incorperate this into thier product. Then it would just one click. Or a checkbox, something!

I love the way you incorporated the 2 (Flash format and HTML 5 format)together. You make our steps to this adaptation so easy. You are the go to guy for so many solutions. Thank you for continuing to improve such a great product!


Thank you very much for your kind words!
One of my goals is for each thing we do to be easy for our users to implement.

Hi James! How are you doing? Nice to hear your voice from the video again.

I was in Richmond last week for deposition, but my schedule was too dense to pay you a visit.

Hope everything is working well. What projects are you working on recently?

Sorry I missed you while you were in town. I hope you are doing well.
Too many projects to list!

Brilliant work, James! :) I came up with an html workaround for Articulate for my organization (for 508 purposes), but nothing so elegant as this! I'm speechless -- there's a huge need for this solution.

Is there a mechanism for adding ALT text to the pngs?

Thanks for your kind words!
It uses the slide text (as exported by Articulate) to generate the alt text on the slide images.

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