Future Proofing Course Links

UPDATE: See this solution if you have a lot of links. Future Proofing Multiple Course Links
We received a question over at from a user, David, who is linking to government sites but the sites keep moving the content!
This comes up a lot... you create a link to your companies internal wiki "" but then they go and change it "". Now you have to go back and change all your courses and republish them.

Pulling user name into Articulate

You may have seen this latest product over at It lets you display the students name (from the LMS) in your course content. Check out the screenr to see it in action.

Articulate on iPad via iSWifter

There has been an ongoing discussion in the Articulate Forums about different ways to view Articulate on an iPad... Also some debate about if it needs to viewed on an iPad... Will mentioned that iSWifter claims to make Flash work on an iPad and wondered if it would work for Articulate. I tried it... and it did! 

Preventing Resume after Articulate Course Completion

Articulate has a wonderful feature that if turned on will ask the student they want to resume the course when they left off. Sometimes you may decide to turn this off and force a student to begin all over again but most of the time we course developers leave it on.

How I made #Articulate Muter/Unlocker in <60 lines of code. Source code available.

I got a few questions about how I made the latest widget. I thought I would walk through it in a screenr.
I also packaged the source file (fla) with download over at

#Articulate Muter and Unlocker

This widget lets your students mute the narration of your course while also unlocking the slide so that they may advance.

This will come in handy when you have a lot of narration but the student reads it faster. 

Watch the screenr to learn more.

Play with a demo here.

Buy it for 10 bucks

Links to instructions on inserting the files:

Free #Articulate Skins! And Full Featured Skins Too.

I'm glad to roll these out!
We have been building custom skins for clients for a while. Now we have taken a lot of what we learned and used it to build these skins.

Cut-n-Paste as PNG (Add-in for PowerPoint)

There are a lot of good reasons to convert your PowerPoint graphics into PNGs... Especially if you are using Articulate.
It can reduce file size and simplify a cluttered slide. You can also do cool stuff like set transparent areas; Tom Kuhlmann has a great screenr on that
I despise repetition in my daily life and often create snippets of code to automate stuff I find myself doing over and over. In this case I created a PowerPoint add-in that puts a button on the Ribbon that quickly does the cut-paste for me.

#Articulate Guru Awards Entry

This course was created for Dominion Virginia Power (my day job). Read about how/why it was created below or jump to the bottom and click the screenshot to view the course.


Our team was tasked to develop online training for our company’s Safety Policy. We decided that since content is static and has a large audience it was a great opportunity for us to create something unique. 


Playing with Articulate Engage Links

I got a question about opening links in the same window from Engage.
It is not very easy to it from within Engage itself. But if you are willing to edit the XML after you publish your file it is not too hard to accomplish. And it opens up other possibilities as well.

Here is the code I used in the examples:
(note I converted " to &quot; )
javascript:alert( &quot; test &quot; );;,&quot;mywindow&quot; ,&quot;status=0,location=0,resizable=1,width=550,height=450&quot;);