Future Proofing Multiple Course Links

This is an update to my last post Future Proofing Course Links and like that solution this will work with any tool (captivate, articulate, lectora, etc)
David liked my solution but didn't want to maintain dozens of html files.
This solution uses a bit more JavaScript and allows you to pass a keyword to it. This way we can use one HTML page with some logic built into it.
I will record a screenr to demostrate this also but here are the basic steps.
First we will create a blank HTML page

Future Proofing Course Links

UPDATE: See this solution if you have a lot of links. Future Proofing Multiple Course Links
We received a question over at from a user, David, who is linking to government sites but the sites keep moving the content!
This comes up a lot... you create a link to your companies internal wiki "" but then they go and change it "". Now you have to go back and change all your courses and republish them.

Are We Wired For Mobile Learning?

There is a ton of info in this graphic and you will be tempted to skim it... Don't. The data is very revealing.

The data indicates we are ready Mobile Learning.
My personal thoughts (and I have done a bit of work in this area) is that it needs to be innovative and well implemented or it will fail.

Student's need a reason to use it and it should offer something more then traditional eLearning or classroom learning.

Pulling user name into Articulate

You may have seen this latest product over at It lets you display the students name (from the LMS) in your course content. Check out the screenr to see it in action.

Articulate on iPad via iSWifter

There has been an ongoing discussion in the Articulate Forums about different ways to view Articulate on an iPad... Also some debate about if it needs to viewed on an iPad... Will mentioned that iSWifter claims to make Flash work on an iPad and wondered if it would work for Articulate. I tried it... and it did! 

Preventing Resume after Articulate Course Completion

Articulate has a wonderful feature that if turned on will ask the student they want to resume the course when they left off. Sometimes you may decide to turn this off and force a student to begin all over again but most of the time we course developers leave it on.

Creating an Articulate Popup

I was recently asked by a client to create a set of buttons that would popup extra info about a slide.
There were four main challenges to this.

  1. Each slide would have unique info. Or maybe none at all.
  2. The buttons should disable if there was no extra info for that slide.
  3. The info contained HTML (links).
  4. The popup needed to cover the slide content.

Here is a screenr of the end product.

New Beginnings!

I am pleased to announce that starting January 10th I will be focusing all my efforts on eLearning Enhanced!

I am very passionate about creating effective, engaging, and efficient eLearning. Often this means adding just one truly unique interaction that allows the student to grasp the information in a new way. I understand not everyone has the resources to create that one thing… That is where eLearning Enhanced comes in.

How I made #Articulate Muter/Unlocker in <60 lines of code. Source code available.

I got a few questions about how I made the latest widget. I thought I would walk through it in a screenr.
I also packaged the source file (fla) with download over at

#Articulate Muter and Unlocker

This widget lets your students mute the narration of your course while also unlocking the slide so that they may advance.

This will come in handy when you have a lot of narration but the student reads it faster. 

Watch the screenr to learn more.

Play with a demo here.

Buy it for 10 bucks

Links to instructions on inserting the files: